2020 Services to






General Practice, Aged Care, Dental, Podiatry, Community Health etc for November 2020


I am still providing 1 hr education sessions by zoom tailored to your specific requirements. This can be on COVID-19 or other issues. This can be recorded by you for use in your clinic/facility/organisation and kept for a month. The cost is $440 including GST. I can offer two hours split over two sessions for $550


In November, if permitted I can visit a limited number of regional Victorian practices to provide a 2 – 4 hr session at a minimum fee of $1,100 (includes GST and travel and provision of my current prac guide) 


I am not available to provide on site visits to Melbourne clinics this year.


Please email to discuss topics to be covered – demonstrating competency checking is a strong focus of any session.


I provide:

  1. Body fluid spill kits - $22 plus postage
  2. Biological tests and incubation for annual validation - $132 inc express return postage