Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

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2018 Courses available to PHNs


There are four short courses to choose from plus a day course (8 APNA CPD). These suit all General Practice staff i.e. Nurses, Managers, Receptionists and GPs


      1. 2 hour infection control update. No limit on numbers. Notes provided. No AV required.

      2. Topics covered:
        • Recommended staff immunisation and why
        • Triaging for suspect measles/flu/gastro
        • Correct use of alcohol based hand rub, correct glove use and handcare competency checking ourselves
        • The use of different personal protective equipment (PPE) hands on, let's do it
        • Environmental cleaning responsibility of staff during working hours – when, how and with what
        • Managing a fake vomit spill and blood drop (by demonstration)

      3. 2 hour infection control competency checking excercise with 2 CPD APNA points.

        Includes updates on:
        • Hand hygiene
        • Surface cleaning
        • Use of different PPE
        • Safe management of body fluid spills

      4. 1 hr quick education for receptionists (2 hours includes the topics in italics)

        First hour 
        • Staff immunisation (relevant to work)
        • Hand hygiene (relevant to work)
        • Managing suspect gastro, flu, measles


        Second hour 
        • Standard and transmission based precautions)
        • Contact vs droplet vs airborne transmission
        • Cleaning technique and products (for relevant high touch surfaces)
        • Use of Personal Protective Equipment for managing a vomit cleanup (demonstration)

      5. 2 hr workshop on instrument processing with 2 CPD APNA points

        Includes preparation, cleaning, packaging, loading, monitoring, record keeping, storage, tracking and validation.
        (suggest book as late afternoon session for interested staff with an hour break prior to evening session)


      7. 8 hour comprehensive day course, certificates are provided for 8 APNA CPD points. Those not sterilising may leave an hour early. Limit of 24. Notes provided. No AV required. Participants are required to bring some materials eg gloves, apron


      • To understand the importance of triage for measles, gastro and flu etc and how to apply protocols
      • To practise competency in hand hygiene, cleaning, use of PPE and management of body fluid spills
      • To have demonstrated all aspects of instrument processing including validation
      • To assist improve infection control in the workplace by using checklists and templates provided


Also available:

      • 90 minute education presentation on multi-resistant bacteria eg MRSA
      • 2 hour instrument processing education session by demonstration


The fee schedule is included on the Request Form below.


2018 Infection Control for PHNs providing education for all General Practice staff

(Certificates and notes provided)



Email for enquiries or to request a course outline