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Margaret Jennings

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2019 Infection Prevention & Control Practical Guide


This document replaces the 2017 guide. All topics have been updated where further information and or requirements have become available. While it has been primarily developed for General Practice, it may be useful to Dental & Podiatry Practice.  


Note that this is automatically included as an electronic pdf copy in any practice visit or private day course that you attend or you may purchase the electronic pdf copy for $66. When purchased, a complimentary electronic copy in word.doc of my cleaning policy template is included for your completion and use in your clinic.
This PDF version of the prac guide includes lift out pages for hand hygiene, cleaning, safe spills management, correct use of PPE exposure management and instrument processing. It may be incorporated into an existing policy manual.
The topics include:

    • The vulnerable patient and staff health
    • Transmission of Infection and Precautions used
    • Correct Use of PPE
    • Hand Hygiene and correct glove use
    • Staff Immunisation
    • Cleaning and Disinfection (body fluid spills)
    • Clinical Waste management
    • Managing Body Fluid Exposures
    • Wounds and Aseptic Technique
    • Multi-resistant Organisms & Antibiotic Stewardship
    • Surveillance
    • Cleaning of Equipment and Devices
    • Instrument Processing



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