Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

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Podiatry Practice Infection Prevention & Control


This is provided as an on-site Practice Visit of 2 - 5 hours education (written advice may be provided as necessary). Alternatively a group of practices may wish to combine to book a private 5 hr off-site session. Please refer to my course dates page for the two Melbourne course dates open to all podiatry staff. 


All on-site visits (add 30 minutes meal break to any session longer than 4 hours) and off ite courses include attendance certificate, my 2017 prac guide and cleaning policy template along with a folder of relevant liftouts.


Topics are:

      • precautions and safety
      • hand hygiene, correct glove use, hand care
      • dust, general waste (nails etc) and clinical waste, cleaning and decontamination
      • surgery and wound care, multi-resistant organisms e.g. MRSA
      • staff immunisation and immediate response to a sharps injury
      • instrument processing requirements including annual validation (2 hours as a full education topic in the 5 hour course)


Please email for available course outline or call to discuss preferred topics.




Please refer to course / fees and request form pages.