Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

2017 Services to
General Practice:

Podiatry Practice Infection Prevention & Control


This is provided as an on-site Practice Visit and combines education and review. A group of practices may wish to combine and book an off-site session.


Practices may request any length of time to suit e.g. 90 minutes, 4 hours. Written advice and attendance certificates are provided. Included in the fee is a folder of relevant information and a set of practical notes.


Topics available are:

      • precautions and safety
      • hand hygiene, correct glove use, hand care
      • dust, waste (nails etc), cleaning and decontamination, clinical waste
      • surgery and wound care, multi-resistant organisms e.g. MRSA
      • staff immunisation and immediate response to a sharps injury
      • instrument processing requirements including annual validation


Please email for available course outline or call to discuss preferred topics.



The fee schedule is included on the Request Form below


Email for enquiries or to request a course outline