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2019 Infection Prevention & Control Policy Templates


This is now updated to 2019 from 2017 with a number of changes. There are 14 policy templates for General Practice available at $220 for the set or may be purchased singly (between $22 - $55). These may be adjusted for use in Dental, Podiatry and Community / Aboriginal care settings. Some templates require no input, others require selection of options while cleaning and hand hygiene require the user to obtain product information for completion.


Each policy has the following components

  1. Preamble and Policy Statement
  2. Procedure(s)/ protocol(s)
  3. Quicknotes page if needed to assist explanation etc
  4. Resources / contact details
  5. Reference(s) used
  6. Notes to further assist policy interpretation or background
  7. Attachments e.g. Vic EPA clinical waste, lists of contents for kits, correct order for PPE


The following Policy templates have been prepared:

  1. Standard Precautions (including provision and use of PPE)
  2. Transmission-based Precautions (includes PPE, triaging for suspect influenza, measles)
  3. Hand Hygiene (soap and alcohol based handrub), gloves, hand care, prior to surgery
  4. Cleaning (products, schedules, techniques for clinical / non-clinical surfaces, linen, toys)
  5. Body Fluid Spill Management (safety, spill kit contents)
  6. Clinical Waste Management including sharps and waste definitions
  7. Body Fluid Exposure Management e.g. sharps injury.
  8. Staff Immunisation (recommended schedule for health care staff including receptionists)
  9. Surveillance (appropriate to general practice including records of staff immunisation)
  10. Multi-resistant Organisms (MROs) & Antimicrobial stewardship (suspect MRSA patients)
  11. Aseptic Procedures (requirements for wound care and surgery)
  12. Single-use & Single Patient Use Items
  13. Cleaning of instruments / devices / equipment for reuse
  14. Sterilisation of reusable items and validation of the process



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