Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

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General Practice:



There are 14 policy templates available ($165 the set) for your completion. Each one includes procedures and liftouts. Assistance with completion is provided on request for a further fee. You may request a sample template to view beforehand.


Note that purchase of the prac guide ($55) includes a complimentary copy of the cleaning policy template (Policy 4) for your completion and use in your clinic and that both are automatically included in any practice visit or course attended  



The following Policy templates have been prepared. The Practice need only the option provided or insert one or two words:

  1. Standard Precautions (incl. provision and use of PPE)
  2. Transmission-based Precautions (incl. PPE for influenza/TB, precautions for suspect measles etc.)
  3. Hand Hygiene (incl. soap and alcohol, pre procedure, gloves, hand care, nails and jewelery)
  4. Cleaning (incl. products, clinical and non-clinical surfaces, linen and toys)
  5. Body Fluid Spill Management (incl. spill kit)
  6. Clinical Waste Management (incl. sharps)
  7. Body Fluid Exposure Management (incl. needlestick injury, sharps, body fluid splash and human bites)
  8. Staff Immunisation (incl. recommended schedule for health care workers)
  9. Surveillance (appropriate to general practice)
  10. Multi-resistant Organisms (incl. management of suspect patients)
  11. Aseptic Procedures (incl. wound care and surgery)
  12. Single-use & Single Patient Use Items
  13. Cleaning of instruments, dishes & equipment
  14. Sterilisation of Instruments if performed (incl. validation)


The fee schedule is included on the Request Form below


Email for enquiries or to request a course outline