2021 Education Services
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2021 Policy templates for General Practice


      • This is a suite of 14 policy templates related to Infection Prevention & Control topics are sent electronically in word and include COVID-19 related policy issues. The topics include use of PPE, Hand Hygiene including for surgery, Environmental and Clinical surface Cleaning, Clinical Waste management, Instrument reprocessing etc. Each template has yellow highlighted spaces to prompt insertion of contact names or products or to make a selection from options listed. It aligns with current advice for COVID-19 as much as possible and sits within National Guidelines/RACGP Standards.

      • The policy templates are purchased as a group of 14 and the $220 fee (inc GST) includes an electronic copy of the 2021 prac guide which can be used as explanatory notes and to provide practical means of achieving the required standard. Please ask for a sample template and cover page that lists the policies.



Please email for each available outline or call to discuss.




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