Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

2017 Services to
General Practice:

General Practice Infection Prevention & Control

On-site Practice Visit (combined education, review & competency checking)


Practices may request any length of time to suit e.g 90 minutes, 4 hours. Written advice and attendance certificates are provided. Included in the fee is the 2017 Practical Guide and 2017 Cleaning Policy Template.

Topics available for selection are:

          • triage for suspect gastro, flu and measles - 1 hour
          • hand hygiene, correct glove use, hand care - 30 minutes
          • surface cleaning, toys, linen etc - 30 minutes
          • about multi-resistant bacteria e.g MRSA and managing hand hygeine/decontamination - 30 minutes
          • safe management of body fluid spills, segregating clinical waste and sharps- 30 minutes
          • staff immunisation and immediate response to exposure e.g. sharps injury - 30 minutes
          • instrument processing requirements including annual validation - 2 hours


    Please email or call to discuss preferred topics.


    The fee schedule is included on the Request Form below






“This activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria.”


Practice staff may register to attend one of the listed day courses (8 APNA CPD points) - Click for dates and locations. This a full day which includes education, competency checking and demonstration and is suitable for all practice staff. Please use the day course request form below which also has details about the course.


Practices may wish to combine and request a day course. This offer is also available to your local PHN.




Email for enquiries or to request a course outline