Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

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2018 Dental Infection Control education and review for all dental staff

(Certificates and notes provided)



5 hour session (add a 30minute meal break)


  1. Precautions (45 mins)
  2. Hand hygiene and glove use (45 mins)
  3. Surface Cleaning and disinfection (45 mins)
  4. Waste management / sharps exposure response (45 mins)
  5. Instrument processing (2 hrs)

My session does not cover anti retraction valve testing, waterline management, suction management, air abrasion

(aerosol) or laser hygiene. Relevant information is found in the 2015 3rd ed ADA guidelines




2 hour review session


  • Staff Immunisation - recommended schedule and its relevance
  • Correct use of alcohol based handrub and use as the gold standard for clinical care
  • Cleaning technique, Product selection
  • State definitions of clinical waste and sharps, National Code of Practice/ EPA
  • Immediate response to exposure incident, confidentiality issues, role of manager and local hospital
  • Initial clean, order of ultrasonic cleaning & manual cleaning, rinsing, drying, sealing and labelling pouches
  • Monitoring including Class B cycle testing, Record keeping





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