Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

2017 Services to
General Practice:

Dental Practice Infection Prevention & Control

(adaptable for Hygienists & Laboratory staff)



This is provided as an on-site Practice Visit and combines education and review. A group of practices may wish to combine and book an off site session.


Practices may request any length of time to suit e.g. 90 minutes, 4 hours. Written advice and attendance certificates are provided. Included in the fee is a folder of relevant information and a set of practical notes.


Topics available for selection are:

      • precautions and safety
      • hand hygiene, correct glove use, hand care
      • cleaning and decontamination, barriers, retrieval, clinical waste
      • staff immunisation and immediate response to body fluid exposure e.g. splash,
      • sharps injury
      • instrument processing requirements including annual validation


Other services include a biological testing / incubation service for your annual validation which includes express return postage.



The fee schedule is included on the Request Form below


Email for enquiries or to request a course outline