Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

2018 Services to
General Practice:

2018 Biological Indicator Service for Steriliser Validation for all office based practice


Annual validation of steriliser function is part of the total annual validation process. Staff are also expected to address instrument cleaning, policy, staff education, maintenance and monitoring as part of annual validation.


7 Biological Indicators (BIs) and / or incubation and a report are posted in an express envelope with instructions, a template and an express envelope for return post. Phone support is available at no extra cost. Total cost is $121 or $77 for a single component eg. BI tests only. 


For most bench top sterilisers, 7 Biological Indicators are sufficient. They contain a difficult to kill bacteria as a challenge. Once the service technician has completed preliminary testing on the challenge load prepared by that staff member, the staff make up the same challenge load and places two tests in challenging parts of the chamber so that three identical, consecutive loads, each with two BIs are run. The processed BIs and the unprocessed control are then immediately returned by express post for 48 hours incubation.


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