Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

2017 Services to
General Practice:

Aged Care Infection Prevention & Control

(adaptable for Hygienists & Laboratory staff)


Advice from a recent Victorian coroner's report indicates the importance of staff education in infection control given the nature of communal living for the susceptible elderly person and the characteristics of common pathogens that make them so easily transmissible in this setting


This on-site service provides options to suit the various disciplines and levels of knowledge required within a facility. Repeat sessions can be rolled out over a day.


Choose from

  1. A basic 2 hour session to all disciplines with topics including: precautions, staff immunisation, hand hygiene, cleaning, managing body fluid spills, clinical waste and immediate response to sharps' injuries.

  2. A further hour is available on each of the following topics to all staff
    • Gastro outbreak management
    • Influenza outbreak management
    • Managing residents with multi-resistant organisms e.g. MRSA
    • Antibiotic stewardship and misuse of antibiotics
    • Cleaning issues and infection control
    • Kitchen issues and infection control
    • Laundry issues and infection control
    • Shingles, scabies and Hepatitis C in Aged care
    • The McGeer classification for defining gastro, UTIs etc
    • other i.e. to address current concerns

Other services available are:

        • a basic audit that reviews infection control processes - a report with recommendations and photos is provided
        • a review of the infection control policy using a 10 point checklist system to identify areas requiring attention



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