Margaret Jennings

Margaret Jennings

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Infection Prevention & Control 5 Point Policy Review


(Ideal for adding on to practice visit or by skype/phone for remote practices 1 hour duration)


This asks you to copy 5 specific policy /procedure points from your policies so I can check them with you for accuracy or whether I can provide additional or updated information included in the $110 fee so you can incorporate this into your policy. It works well with just one or two staff present.


There are two 1hr sessions to choose from


  1. Specific point in the Hand Hygiene policy – Among other quick checks, I look for a policy that
    has updated terminology and preference for use of alcohol-based hand rub for clinical care.

  2. Symptomatic patients – Among other quick checks, I look for a policy that requires coughing
    patients to wear a mask or wait outside, patients with suspect measles to wait in an empty room

  3. Staff immunization – Among other quick checks, I look for a policy that addresses staff who
    handle waste, specimens, clean toilets or body fluid spills to be immunized against Hepatitis B.

  4. Body fluid spills management – Among other quick checks, I look for provision of specific items
    of PPE, description of correct order of use, location of spill kit.

  5. Cleaning – I look for a cleaners and staff cleaning schedule, products and equipment
    maintenance. I look specifically for reference for daily cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.

  6. Clinical and related waste – Among other quick checks, I look for a reference for correct
    definition under the new Australian standards and sharps.

  7. Immediate response to an exposure incident e.g needlestick injury – Among other quick checks
    I look for the 3 actions to perform immediately an exposure has occurred, how confidentiality
    with testing is established and how the source is assessed.




I ask for descriptions in your policy/procedure to describe all of the following

  1. Use of single use items
  2. Initial treatment of used item
  3. What to do when cleaning is delayed
  4. Use of PPE, use of sinks, use of products / equipment
  5. Cleaning and drying.
  6. Placing, sealing, labelling items in packaging.
  7. Loading, settings, unloading, cooling
  8. Monitoring, recording of results
  9. Storage, tracking
  10. Annual service and validation.



Please refer to course / fees and request form pages.